Friday, May 4, 2012

Confession Friday

I confess that I'm glad it's Friday.  Just finished my second week back at my new job and while it has been a great two weeks and I'm really enjoying being challenged and learning new things, I feel tired.

I confess that I planned a spa day last Sunday with some girlfriends.  We went to the Scandinave Spa in Collingwood.  I'd never been to this place but several co-workers had and told me it's a great place to relax.  Hot springs, saunas, a solarium to relax on loungers.  Heaven!  So we set our early Sunday morning and after a 2 hour drive arrived at the lumber yard.  Yep, your read that right.  That darn Garmin led us to the wrong location.  So after finding someone to give us directions and a little more driving we arrived.  It was a wonderful day.  We relaxed, we talked (even though it's a mostly silent environment) and had the best time.  We have agreed to make this an annual girls day outing.  One of my friends has been through a very rough couple of months with illness and this day was exactly what she needed.  We were all so blissed out that none of us noticed that we were getting a bit too much sun.  We ended up looking a bit like lobsters but it was worth it.  Brian & I are going to go back for our 10th anniversary.  I recommend this for anyone needing a day of relaxation.  You can't go wrong with $48 for a spa day.  Check out the Scandinave Spa in Collingwood.  They have a few locations in other cities so there might even be one near you!

I confess that I am sick with a cold. This is getting ridiculous.  What is going on with my immune system?  Anyone have any tips or tricks to boost the immune system.  Obviously I need all the extra help I can get.

I confess we just recently celebrated the one year anniversary of Addis becoming a Canadian Citizen.  Yay!!  That milestone was the final step before our visa was issued and we were able to bring Addis home and end our adoption journey and begin our journey as a family.

I confess that we are approaching the 1 year anniversary of becoming a family.  We are planning a family dinner and celebration.  Ssh, don't tell Addis but he's getting a special present.  A new tricycle!

I confess that there is no good way to get out of my neighbourhood in the morning to go to work.  Construction is EVERYWHERE and it's such a huge pain.

I confess that I am EXTREMELY happy for a good friend of mine.  She just found out today that their son's visa is issued and they can now pick up their son.  Their referral was last June and they've hit just about every roadblock in their journey.  I can't wait to see them together as a forever family.  I'm going to be stalking facebook and her blog for regular updates.

I confess that I forgot our massages for this month got cancelled.  Poor Brian just drove all the way to his massage just to be turned away because our masssage therapist is on holidays.  Boo!  Now we have to wait until June 2nd for the next appt.

I confess that I just booked a session at Supperworks.  I am going by myself on June 7th at 8pm to make some entrees. Their June menu looks fantastic and I have picked out 5 different meals to plan.  I've been wanting to try supperworks for a really long time and been trying to get people to come with me but nobody ever wants to go.  So, I decided that I wasn't going to put it off any longer and finally booked myself in. 

I confess that  I have treated myself to a few new books this past week from Amazon.  The UPS driver & I are going to be on a first name basis soon.  She's made 3 stops at our place this week.  Yikes!  Luckily the books are all seriously discounted and I didn't have to pay for shipping.  I'll let you know if any of them are "must reads".


  1. Thanks friend!!! Hard to believe its been a year for Addis being home! Looking forward to many many play dates!!! And maybe a trip to the spa :)

    1. Oooooo! You should totally come to the spa! I'm also looking forward to many play dates. I just can't tell you how happy we are for you and how much we are looking forward to meeting Bedi.