Friday, November 25, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that I am sitting all alone right now enjoying blissful peace and quiet after getting a chance to sleep in.  It must be my lucky day.  Addis was up REALLY early (out of character) and Brian got up with him to let me sleep in.  When I finally woke up at 9:30am, they were both heading back upstairs to go back to bed.  So now I'm sitting enjoying a cup of tea and getting an early jumpstart to my blog.

I confess that I am still working on the referral story post.  Stayed tuned.  It's a good story. 

I confess that this week (Nov 23) was our 9th anniversary.  We are planning an overnight trip to Niagara Falls and a football game in the near future so we kept our actually anniversary low key.  This is the first year we had to decide to either get a babysitter to go out or keep our plans kid friendly.  Isn't it wonderful?!  We decided on the kid friendly version.  I took the dogs for a walk while Brian and Addis went to get dinner.  We sat in our family room and ate Subway while watching the movie Rio.  I think this was one of the best anniversaries we've had in a long time.  Who knew sandwiches and cartoons would be better then steak dinner and martinis?

I confess that I'm really making more time for self care these days.  When Addis first came home I was lucky to get in a shower and brush my teeth.  If I put on clean clothes they certainly didn't stay that way for long.  Well, six months later I shower daily again, I get out of the house in clean clothes and they stay that way 99% of the time, I put on make-up, I find some time now and again to workout and I've even been taking time to use my favourite scented body lotion.  I am feeling like myself again.

I confess that there is a piece of super rich chocolate cake in my fridge that is calling my name.  Yes, even though it's only 10am, it's calling my name.  I would eat it for breakfast and I'm aware that this is totally disgusting to eat rich desserts this early in the morning but I'm a sucker for chocolate cake.  However, I won't be eating it just yet.  Even though it's call is getting louder and louder, I am going to resist temptation until Addis gets up so I can share it with him.  Ok, those of you that know me really well can pick your jaws up off the floor.  Yes, Ange is going to share food.  What can I say, it's love?  I love Addis chocolate cake big.

I confess that my friend who has been sick is getting better and nothing could make me happier.  Prayers really are answered.  Welcome back honey!  You were missed more then I can say.  Can't wait to finally see you.

I confess that I really enjoyed deocrating for Christmas this year.  The past few years we have decorated but our hearts weren"t really into it.  This year neither of us channeled Scrooge while putting up the tree.  We laughed, we smiled, we made some wonderful memories.  We even put on a Christmas Jazz station and listened to xmas music.  Again, people that know me well can pick up their jaws off the floor. I listened to Christmas music.  I even, dare I say it, enjoyed it. 

I confess that normally I do not enjoy Christmas music.  I don't mind hearing it Christmas day but this nonsense about playing it the day after Halloween is lost on me.  Also, my tastes for xmas music usually run to the inappropriate.

I confess that we took Addis to get photos done.  He wasn't overly cooperative.  He's too busy to sit and have some strange person take his photo.  We got a really nice shot but I'm not sure I'll do that again until he's a little older.  I have a friend who's a photographer and I think we'll just get her to do family shots from  now on so that we can work around Addis and his personality.  I'd rather have shots of him playing and having fun and full of life than a posed picture anyway.  Don't get me wrong, the picture we have is lovely and I'd be happy to send anyone who wants one their own copy when we receive it, but trying to get a little boy to sit still can be like trying to catch lightning.

I confess that tonight we are going to rent a movie and I am going to indulge in some popcorn with loads of butter.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess there was no Confession Friday last week because we went to the in-laws to celebrate Christmas with them before they went South for the winter.  We couldn't get wi-fi access until later in the weekend.

I confess Addis and I had another cold last week.  That makes 6 times in 6 months for me.  I expected to be sick a lot once Addis was in daycare but what on earth is going on now?  Where are we picking up all these germs?  With any luck maybe we'll have built up a nice immune system by the time he goes to daycare and won't have to worry about being sick all the time when I go back to work.

I confess that Addis seems to be entering a phase that I knew would come, but can do without.  He's testing his boundries and limits.  He does things I've told him 1000 times not to do.  Not only is he doing them, but he looks at me first to see if I'm watching and then he grins at me.  He's clearly challenging me.

I confess that tonight we had our first opportunity to follow through on a threat that was made.  I don't want to be one of those parents making empty threats like "If you don't stop doing (insert behaviour here), I'll turn this car around" or "we'll go home", etc.  So when Addis starting acting up in the restaurant at dinner we were presented with the opportunity to put up or shut up.  Addis threw a piece of his snack on the floor and I sternly reminded him that we don't throw food and told him that if he didn't change his behaviour, we'd leave.  So when he threw his sippy cup at the man sitting at the table next to us, we had no choice but to follow through.  Brian took Addis outside to talk to him.  They came back in but only to ask our waitress to box up the food as soon as it was ready and pay our bill.  While Brian was doing that, I put on Addy's coat and brought him out to the car where we sat waiting for Brian.  I'm not sure how much actually registered with Addis since he is so young, but I think it's important to start establshing rules and patterns early.

I confess I have actually started working out again.  It's just been a few days but it's a start and certainly more then I've done in the past 7 months.  I'm sore all over, but it feels good to be doing something again. 

I confess that Brian and I have booked two days/one night away.  For our anniversary we are going to Niagara Falls for a day and staying the night and the next day we are going to a football game.  I'm so excited.  I can hardly wait to go!!!

I confess that I had a massage today and it was delightful to endulge in a little "me time".

I confess that I bought Brian, Addis and I matching personalized stockings from the Disney Store.  I can hardly wait for them to be delivered.  I also bought a matching advent calendar.

I confess I am excited about Christmas and hope to start decorating for the season this weekend

Friday, November 4, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess this has been a very busy week.  Between celebrating our referralversary, Halloween, getting ready for our housewarming party and our regular everyday life, I feel tired.

I confess I am looking forward to our housewarming party with is tomorrow. 

I confess I love to entertain.  Planning and hosting a party is a lot of fun for me.

I confess that I have been cleaning all day today and still have stuff to do tomorrow.  It's not that the house is actually that dirty but I just can't be satisfied with good enough.  I want to showcase our home in the best way possible.  We still had boxes to unpack and we hadn't put up any personal items like artwork or family photos.

I confess that today Brian and I took Addis to a playgroup at a local indoor soccer field.  They set up all kinds of play equipment and set out balls and the kids have the run of three inddor fields for 2 hours.  Addis really enjoyed being able to run.

I confess that today was our first unpleasant encounter with nosy questions about our family dynamic.  There were probably 100 children there but Addis was the only child with brown skin.  Normally we live in a very multicultural city so I was surprised by this ratio of 1:99.  I am quite comfortable with our family and don't usually mind questions if they are of a curious nature.  I do, however mind someone asking me within two minutes of meeting me what specificaly caused our fertility problems, how much he cost, why didn't his real mother want him, etc.  Seriously, what is wrong with people that they think this is appropriate topics for a childrens playgroup or for someone you just met. 

I confess that I while I think I handled the situation ok, I still think I could have handled the situation differently and better.  I mostly just deflected the questions and when this woman was persistant I just walked away.  I will have to work on just plainly telling people these types of questions are not appropriate and this info is not their business as politely as the situation calls for.

I confess that I had a nice afternoon at the salon today.  I got my hair cut and coloured and then straightened.  It was nice to have a few hours to myself.  Don't even get me started on the massage chairs at the shampoo sinks.  Massage chair and scalp massage.......Heaven!!!
I confess we had a great time trick or treating.  Addis really enjoyed seeing all the other kids and peoplle.  My niece and nephew came to our neighbourhood and the 3 kids went out together.  Addis and my nephew had matching dragon costumes.  This was not planned, just a fluke that turned out to be a super cute photo op.  My niece was a butterfly.  Addis got quite the haul of candy.  We had to keep emptying his Thomas the Tank Engine bucket into a Sobey's shopping bag.  After sorting through it for what was safe to keep, I sorted through again for what was safe for him to eat.  In the end he had very little left and Brian and I ended up spliting the rest.  I felt kind of bad because I literally stole candy from a baby.

I confess that I got the trick this Halloween.  Our neighbours build a haunted house on their driveway and into their garage.  They also buld a graveyard on the front lawn.  It was done really well and looked like good spooky fun.  When we walked through all the scary stuff was mechanical or rubber.  Then we came across the corner where there was a live person who jumped out to scare you.  I don't like having things jumping out at me.  My nerves are terrible.  I shrieked so loud that the people at the end of the driveway heard me and I could hear them all laughing.  I saw the creepy man run ahead and then back around to get back into place to scare the next person.  Only he crept up behind me and scared me again. Another shriek.  When I come out there is a crowd and they are all laughing at me.  Ha, ha.  Ok so you spooked the scaredy cat.  I walked to the end of the driveway and was talking to my brother's girlfriend and I then I turn around and BOO.  You guessed it, this guy jumps out at me again.  So at this point, my nerves are totally shot.  I moveto the house next door.  I stand there waiting for the rest of the group to join me and BOO.  This guy is having so much fun at my expense that he jumped through the graveyard between the houses and spooks me again.  Are you kidding me??  So at this point my brother is killing himself laughing.  If I wasn't so scared I might have been concerned my brother was going to wet his pants from laughing so hard at me.  Time to get out of there.  We move on down the street and finish up our trick or treating and return home.  I put Addis to bed and after a while shut off the lights as the amount of kids had trickled out.  Then the doorbell rings.  I pick up the bowl of candy and open the door and OMG, there is the creepiest clown I have ever seen.  FOr those tht don't already know, I am terrified of clowns.  I back away from the door and blindly hand off the bowl of candy to whoever came up behind me and run for my life into another room.  Brian and my dad start calling me back and said the clown is gone and I needed to come back to the door to see the other kids. After being scared so many times, I feeling a little leery.  Then my mom chimes in.  "Come on back, the clown is gone".  This is my mom.  The woman who would never steer me wrong.  I come back to the door at which point either my dad or Brian grabs me and shoves me into the doorway and BOO.  That creepy guy again.  I screamed so loud I'm surprised I didn't wake up Addis.  My brother had walked back down to the neighbours and aksed him to come to our place a little later.  I was so on edge that I had to close all the curtains because I was so scared someone would jump out at me again.  I didn't really sleep very good that night.  I'm told I'll laugh about it later.  I say, watch out.  Payback is coming!